7 Drivers: How we think about the landscape of transformation

By Ross Dawson

Jun 06, 2017

An array of emerging technologies are transforming marketing, business and society. Leading organisations are already engaged in exploring and tapping the potential of domains including data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain.

However to understand the emerging and future landscape of the technologies that are changing business, we need to look not at the individual technologies, but at what arises from their intersections.

For example, while Data is an incredibly powerful trend, its real impact is through how it is combined with Artificial Intelligence, Crowds, and other key elements. The new generation of Human-Machine Interfaces is being enabled by the rise of Spatial Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and other technology domains.

To create the 7 Drivers of Change Framework featured on our About page we looked at which are the elemental technologies and developments, which when combined, create the entire landscape of emerging opportunities. Virtual Reality is not an elemental technology - it is formed by combining other elemental technologies. Blockchain is a prominent - but not the only - example of Distributed Systems


Rh7thm was founded as a future-facing agency, assisting organisations to deal with fast-paced shifts and build success as their industries change around them. 

The 7 Drivers of Change framework is designed partly as a tool to uncover opportunities from change. Among its applications are organisational strategy work, framing innovation initiatives, and product development strategy.

Please feel free to use it as a tool if you find it useful. Or get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we can work with you across the landscape to take your organisation into the future. 

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Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson

Ross is CEO and Chief Futurist of Rh7thm