We cannot predict the future. But we can gain useful insights into the future of business, society and industries by applying well-developed methodologies that help us make better decisions and act more effectively in the present. Those executives and organisations that are able to anticipate the potential and possibilities of intense change over coming years have a powerful advantage.

We have deep expertise in a variety of established approaches to foresight. Scenario planning is an exceptionally powerful approach to developing and refining macro strategy, uncovering emerging opportunities and building future-facing organisations. Specific analytical approaches such as technology landscapes can inform product development, long-term marketing strategy and industry positioning. Whether the primary objective is enhancing strategy, driving innovation or improving responsiveness to accelerating change, rh7thm can be your partner in creating the future of your organisation.

• Scenario planning
• Long-term strategy
• Keynote speaking
• Board briefings
• Technology landscapes
• Opportunity mapping
• Leadership development

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