Innovation is bringing in the new. In a rapidly changing world, organisations that do not renew themselves are being left behind. Sustainable success will stem from the ability to innovate across products, services, processes, marketing, organisational structure and business models.


We believe that innovation initiatives should be framed at a strategic level: specifying the role of innovation in macro corporate strategy, shaping innovation governance, building frameworks to clarify and communicate innovation priorities, and establishing an integrated set of initiatives to build both desired outcomes and innovation capabilities. We also assist leading organisations on an array of specific innovation initiatives, specifically across the marketing communications spectrum, including surfacing innovation ideas that fit with corporate strategy, engaging with and tapping relevant entrepreneurial ecosystems, and building technology development pathways.


  • Innovation strategy
  • Innovation stimulation
  • Innovation processes
  • Open innovation structures
  • Marketing innovation
  • Customer Experience innovation
  • New Media Innovation
  • Internal crowdsourcing
  • Innovation training
  • Startup methodologies
  • Startup ecosystem development


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